10 Fun science experiments you can do at home.


  1. For the first experiment, you just need a glass, candle and a dish with some water or colored water (to see the effect more clearly). In the dish having water place the candle and burn it. Then clearly turnover the glass making the burning candle inside the glass. The result shows that the level of water on glass slowly increases till the candle went off.

  2. For the second experiment, you need a match box, small magnet. If you burnt the match stick and took it near the magnet, you will get to see the magnet properties on the burnt match stick or the magnet starts attracting the stick.

  3. For the third experiment, you need a candle, a cotton string and a paper. Cut the paper in spiral way and make it like jalebi and tide one side with the string. Then burnt the candle and hang the string straight upward the burning candle. After few seconds the spiral paper starts rotating in right hand direction.

  4. For the fourth experiment, you need a cotton string, needle and a small magnet. Fix the cotton string on the needle and place it near the magnet, definitely the magnet will attract the needle. Then start heating the needle slowly, you will see the needle starts losing its magnetic properties. After certain seconds, the needle or magnet does not react to each other.

  1. For the fifth experiment, you need a glass full of water, a small mirror, a sheet of white paper (optional) and sunny day. Put the mirror inside the glass at an angle. Then adjust the position of glass, so that sunlight shine directly on the mirror. Place the sheet of paper on the reflected light. If the room is dark, it would be easier to see. And for more clear rainbow, you can adjust glass and mirror.

  1. For the sixth experiment, you need some vegetable oil, small earth magnet/s and laser black toner. Mix the toner with some vegetable oil, you can put the oil as how thin or thick or inky you want the mixture. Then put the mixture in clean glass and touch the glass with magnet, you can see the magnetic effect in the mixture with so satisfying needle right up the magnet.

  1. For the seventh experiment, you need a plastic bottle of soda, a pencil and some not cooked rice. Fill up the bottle with rice and you can tap the bottle on the table to settle the rice on it. Then push the pencil inside the bottle pointing down and pull the pencil up. You can repeat this process for several time, in this process you got to feel that pushing the pencil inside will become slowly hard. After sometime you can’t push the pencil but you may can hang the whole bottle by pencil. This is the perfect example of friction.

  1. For the eighth experiment, you need a hard boil egg, a bottle with mouth 2/3 the diameter of egg and a sheet of paper. Burn a piece of paper and place it inside the bottle for some time. Then put the naked egg on the mouth of that bottle. Then the egg of the bottle will be pulled down. It may seem like magic but it is due to the air pressure difference inside and outside the bottle. As the temperature increases pressure increases and vice-versa.

  1. For the ninth experiment, take three pieces of long and dry pasta noodles and a piece of bread. Then cut the pasta into 3 inch, 4 inch & 5 inch and tear off small piece of the bread and stick it onto the pasta. Then take the three pasta in your one hand and slowly shake back and forth. Again increase the speed of shake for second and third time. What you will get to see is mainly one pasta will oscillate for each speed of shake and for another greater speed only other will oscillates and so on. This is because when shaken with their resonance frequency, it will oscillate with higher amplitude than other frequencies. This process is similar as in the video.

  1. Are you bored in office? Let’s have an experiment before coffee. For this you just need a rotating chair or a stool with plenty of space. Have a sheet on the chair and lift your foot up the ground and stretch your arms wide and give a little spin by body to the chair. Then close your arm near to the chest and let the real fun begins. What you will get to feel is as you close your arm, the speed of rotation increases and again if you open it speed of rotation decreases. This is the real example of momentum.