15 Must read books by Nepali authors.

1. Arresting God in Kathmandu

Author : Samrat Upadhyay

Price = Nrs. 480


From the first Nepali author writing in English to be published in the West, Arresting God in Kathmandu brilliantly explores the nature of desire and spirituality in changing society. With the assurance and unsentimental wisdom of a long-established writer, Upadhyay records the echoes of modernisation throughout love and family. Psychologically rich and astonishingly acute, Arresting God in Kathmandu introduces a potent new voice in contemporary fiction.



2. Singha Durbar: Rise and Fall of the Rana Regime of Nepal

Author : Sagar SJB Rana

Price = Nrs. 800

The Ranas of Nepal were de facto rulers of the kingdom for slightly over a century, reigning as prime ministers of the state, with the king as a figurehead. Their rule, while bringing stability to a fraught empire, has also been criticized for economic and religious excesses, and for tyranny. Now, for the first time, a descendant of the Rana clan opens up about his family, setting right certain historical misconceptions, and offering an honest critique of what was one of the most vital periods in the history of Nepal which drew to a close in 1951. Frank, forthright and utterly balanced, Singha Durbar: Rise and Fall of the Rana Regime of Nepal is one of the most important historical accounts to have been published on the Himalayan kingdom in recent years.



3. Crossing Shadows

Author : Shiwani Neupane

Price = NA

He couldn’t imagine having no memory whatsoever. He thrived and lived in them and knew that the man he had become was Only because of his many experiences. They defined him and destroyed him and without it, he would have no identity.”

She had read stories of estranged lovers, mostly in books tourists left behind on dirt tracks and temples. She had sympathised with the heroines and heroes and felt sorry for them but all of it was fiction. She had reminded herself over and Over, “This is fiction. Don’t feel so sad, silly girl. It’s just fiction.”  And here she was suffering, a thousand times over now.



4. The Other Queen

Author : Sheeba Shah

Price = Nrs. 450

“Sheeba Shah writes about intrigue, betrayal and passion with great verve in The Other Queen, offering readers a rare chance to reimagine the past from a woman’s perspective. The narrator, Rajendra Lakhsmi is the neglected wife of King Rajendra Bikram shah of Nepal. She is also the sister of his better-loved wife, Queen Samrajya Lakshmi Devi. While focusing on the Narrator’s inner life, the author also shows how her fate is entwined with that of the nation. The story is a dramatic as it is enjoyable.” – Manjushree thapa.



5. Palpasa Cafe

Author : Narayan Wagle

Price = Nrs. 425

Powerful anti-war novel that will be read and talked about for years. It drags us beyond Shangri-La and forces us to look at the abyss below. Remarks: Sales of Palpasa Cafe in Nepali has crossed 16,000 and has been amongst the most talked about book in contemporary Nepali literature of recent times. The book has been part of many merits including the highly prestigious literary award in Nepal the Madan Puraskar. Edition: First English Edition.




6. The Royal Ghosts

Author : Samrat Upadhyay

Price = Nrs. 472

The Royal Ghosts features characters trying to reconcile their true desires with the forces at work in Nepali society. Against the backdrop of the violent Maoist insurgencies that have claimed thousands of lives struggling for peace and connection.




7. A Boy from Siklis The Life and Times of Chandra gurung

Author : Manjushree Thapa

Price = Nrs. 400

In the last days of the monsoon in 2006, a helicopter crash in Nepals eastern hills claimed some of the countrys best, including the charismatic environmentalist Chandra Gurung. Starting with his birth as the son of the headman of the small village of Siklis, Manjushree Thapa follows the arc of his career as he achieved one democratic breakthrough after another in a conservation movement under royal patronage, where the royal family expected environmentalists to pander to their every whim. Offering a historical view into Nepals conservation movement as a whole, A Boy from Siklis is the portrait of one man, of his times, and of a nation made and unmade by its quest for democracy.



8. Prayogshalamaa: Nepali Sangkramanma Delhi, Durbar ra Maobadi

Author : Sudhir Sharma

Price = Nrs. 500

In the history of two hundred and fifty years of modern Nepal, ten years moist insurgency was a very critical challenge. This conflict was not emerging in Palace or in Delhi but in the hill, village of Nepal. But it was influenced and affected by those two powers as a result palace has to lost its existence and Maoist changed their political stream and came into peace process. Now Delhi left, whose foreign policy is still a mystery. This book is about the relation between them and Moist.



9. All Of Us In Our Lives

Author : Manjushree Thapa

Price = Nrs. 650

All of Us in Our Own Lives is the story of an encounter between strangers who shape each others’ lives in fateful ways. Ava Berriden, a Canadian lawyer, quits her corporate law firm in Toronto, leaves her passionless marriage and moves to Nepal, from where she was adopted as a baby. In Kathmandu, she struggles to launch a new career in international Ai and to forge a connection with the country of her birth.



10. Singing For Freedom

Author : Anichoying Dolma

Price =  Nrs. 395

Escaping an abusive father, Ani found herself at a monastery in Nepal, where a Buddhist monk offered her sanctuary and understanding, teaching her to embrace life again. She found her vocation in offering other young girls an education, a fundamental right that is reserved for men only in her country. This is her story.



11. Forget kathmandu : An elegy for democracy

Author : Manjushree Thapa

Price = Nrs. 520


In June 2001, King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah was killed in a massacre at Kathmandu s Narayanhiti royal palace, allegedly by his own son, the crown prince, and the world took new notice of Nepal. Since then, several thousand lives have been lost to a violent Maoist insurgency and repressive state counter-insurgency.



12. Cheena Harayeko Manchey

Author : Haribansaa Aacharya

Price = Nrs. 400

The storyline of Cheena Harayako Manchhe, is about a simple, god-fearing man who happens to lose his “China” or “Cheena” . The autobiography depicts the author’s childhood memories, fantasies and the struggles he had to face during his adolescent years. “The book is the tribute to my late wife Meera and proceeds from the book will go to a trust of her name,” says the author.



13. Maha Ko Ma

Author : Madan Krishna Shrestha

Price = Nrs. 576

MaHako Ma is a memoir by comedian and actor Madan Krishna Shrestha, one of the most talented and popular figures of the country. Shrestha’s autobiography traces his life from childhood to his partnership with Acharya and his personal reflections. Shrestha recounts his childhood, initial struggle as an actor; his inter-caste marriage, his struggle with Parkinson’s disease, his wife’s cancer and more. The book takes its reader on a roller coaster of emotions from pain, suffering, laughter and jealousy to sympathy. The book, written over six years, provides a peek into the life of this extraordinary figure.



14. Rukmangad Katwal : Aatmakatha

Author : Rukmangad Katwal

Price =  Nrs. 545


General Rookmangud Katawal is a former Nepalese Army General, who served as the Chief of Army Staff of the Nepal Army from September 10, 2006 to August, 2009. General Katawal had come into controversy after the then Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) had unilaterally decided to “relieve” Katawal of his duties on May 3, 2009



15.The Soul Of The Rhino

Author : Hemanta Mishra with Jim Ottaway Jr

Price = Nrs. 480

In early 2006, National Public Radio reported that “A promising conservation effort to save one of Nepal’s signature endangered species is now in serious trouble, due primarily to poachers taking advantage of fighting between government forces and Maoist insurgents.” This was devastating news indeed to author and scientist Hemanta Mishra, who has spent the better part of his adult life struggling to save the Indian Rhino from extinction in his native Nepal.



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