What is entrepreneurial suffering ? And how to overcome it.


Being an entrepreneur or running a business is never a walk in the park. Almost all knows everyday life problems but few knows the solutions and even fewer dare to take measure towards solving it. You must be thinking while businesses make profit entrepreneurs solve problems right ? Yes but even after solving problems without a proper business model and profit generating enterprise an entrepreneur cannot be called successful. But the journey to success is less than rainbows and butterflies.

An entrepreneur goes through more than just common problems, burdens and frustrations on it way to success which in time shapes the person to who s/he is at the end of the pipeline. That dip and struggles which now we know as the entrepreneurial suffering.

From taking baby steps to creating a successful enterprise here are a list of few entrepreneurial suffering that one goes through.

3 Most common issues that young entrepreneurs go through are:

1. Lack Of Clarity of Vision

So you have an idea for a product or service that has upside potential but where do you begin? do you go make the prototypes of the product first or register a business or setup a factory for your product etc.Having Clear vision of what needs to be achieved.. A clear strategy at least a planned strategy that is realistic and attainable with a specific list of things that needs to be done achieve the goal will help in getting more clear picture. Often times young entrepreneurs fail to have clear picture of what they actually want as an entrepreneur and doesn’t really focus on main thing.Which leads to not knowing where to start.They need to know that the main thing is to keep the main thing main thing.

2.Burn Out:

All young entrepreneurs starts by working hard, but soon they realize that hard work isn’t taking them anywhere. Only working hard doesn’t make sense there are other factors thats needs to be in like like perfectionism, prudence and organizing.

this video by Patrick bet david will really help you to avoid burnout.

3.Financial issues :

Money is what we all need and money is that drive the business.

Young entrepreneurs focus too much on money and believe that only money can help the business grow. Which is not true. Entrepreneurship is NEVER ONLY ABOUT MONEY. Entrepreneurs who focus on money too much always end up in more financial issues. Because it’s never enough. Of course its necessary to earn money but then again one needs to understand that money is just a byproduct of success of your business. If you have put in a right and smart efforts in the business only then you can achieve financial freedom. If you focus on giving right kind of product or service to your clients then and only then money will follow if not you always follow money and thing is if you follow money you never get enough of it and if you follow your passion and focus on business more money will follow you. Think about it.

Make an effort to seek clarity and a good way to do that is by reading right kinds of book and having a good mentor. FIND THEM.