This video by Patrick Bet David is a reality check.Basically if you know and IMPROVE on the signs that you won’t be rich.. YOU WILL BE RICH…
He shares common signs why people aren’t rich. Telling the raw truth about those who never attract their goals and suggesting some tips on how to overcome these signs on your way to success.These tips will get you one step closer to the path of getting RICH…

Watch this video, Make sure you have a pen and paper with you so you can answer the questions below:

These are the questions you need to ask yourself and have an answers to. So make sure you note them down and answer them all. Do make sure you look into the action steps after every Q&A.

1. Do you like rich people? Yes or No – If NO, WHY? …….

Action step: Reassess why you feel this way and either read a book or associate with a successful person you know and get to know them better by asking questions about their goals and life. This may help you realize you like their perspective more than you thought.

2. Do you think rich people are special? Yes or No If SO, Why?…….

Action step: Look up 3 to 5 successful people you respect and watch their documentaries or read their biography. See if there are relatable stories and any areas of their life that humanize them.

3. Do you spend enough time learning? Yes or No If not, why?……

Action step: Go watch your history of videos watched on YouTube. How many are entertainment and how many are educational. If more than 50% are entertainment, you need to spend more time learning,

4. Do people make you feel guilty easily? Yes or No If so, why?…….

Action step: Take the Ultimate Self Discovery on and get clear on your purpose and goals. Once you find this clarity, you may respond dierently when someone tries to make you feel guilty about your goals.

5. Do you worry too much about what people think of you? Yes or No ?……..

Action step: Since for some people, having a positive self image does not come easy, confidence can be gained through breaking limiting beliefs. Read 25 Laws for Doing the Impossible.

6. Do you worry too little about what the right people think of you? Yes or No If not, why?

Action step: If you have a mentor, go ask for their opinion of your actions and habits. If not, seek one.

7. Do you listen to every single thing your parent (s) tell you to do? Yes or No If yes, why?

Action step: Be honest with yourself and analyze where the advice is coming from. Is it coming as an opinion or experience and application of building something big or a successful in business?

8. Are you too loyal to family traditions? Yes or No If so, why?……….

Action step: Without interrupting the special and religious traditions. Find what traditions have been detrimental to your success as an entrepreneur. Once you find them, do not commit to them.

9.Are you an expert excuse maker? Yes or No If yes, why?……..

Action step: Be honest with yourself. Do you find yourself always making an excuse? Have someone you trust be honest with you about if you make excuses.

10. Does your attitude suck? Yes or No If so, why?……

Action step: Find ways to improve your attitude through exercise, new habits, new accountability and focusing on personal development.

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