10 unspoken rules of wearing a suit.

Many a things gets better with time and technology and one of them is the suits we wear.
From being a uniform to occasional attire to everyday clothing we have listed 10 unspoken rules about wearing a suit.

  1. The width of your tie should actually match the width of your suit Lapel.

  2. In General thin Lapels are more of modern and Wide Lapels are of more Old school but Lapels should actually match proportionate with your shoulders.

  3. Use pocket squares to bring more contrast to the outfit rather just matching with the tie color.

  4. When buying a suit off the hanger, first and foremost thing you check is how those shoulders fit on you.

  5. Suits are never meant to be bought of the hanger; it’s better to be tailor made.

  6. Pockets of suit jackets are meant to be worn with flaps out.

  7. First button of a suit jacket should exactly be 2 fingers above your navel. (place your fingers horizontally )
  8. Place your 2 fingers below your navel horizontally, that’s where you wear your suit trousers.
  9. Proper suits trousers don’t have belt loops and doesn’t actually need a belt.

  10. Your tie tip must just touch the buckle of your belt not short not long.

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