6 makeup tips to help you get through this winter.

Even though we love winter and the snow our skin don’t comply with the same. During winter atmosphere around us loses the water molecules i.e. less humid, that’s one reason why we lose moisture from our skin and it tends to become dry and flaky. In Spite, of the proper skin care, our skin tends to look dry and flaky because we ignore to change our makeup for winter.

Here are 6 tips for winter makeup:

  1. Switch your gel based moisturizer to oil based, as it helps to lock the moisture in your skin.

  2. Avoid using powder foundations; it makes your skin look even more dry and flaky. Try tinted moisturizers or BB cream to make it look more fresh and hydrated.

  3. Replace your powder blush with peach, pink cream/ mousse blushes, it helps to lock the moisture and won’t look layered and flaky.

  4. Finish it off with a dewy finishing spray; it gives that perfect hydrated and healthy look.

  5. Cleanse your face with a cleansing lotion while removing the makeup instead of cleansing foam or soap, it avoids losing the excess moisture and keeps the skin hydrated.

  6. Avoid matte lipstick as it tend to make your lip dry and cracked. Replace it with creamy/satin lipstick and lip gloss. However, if you like the matte look, hydrate it with a lip base or petroleum jelly few mins before apply the matte lip color.