Must know symbols in your car dashboard

Low Beam Indicator

Low Beam is operating

High Beam Indicator

High Beam is Operating

ABS Indicator

There is something wrong with your car’s Anti-Lock Braking System(ABS)

Airbag Indicator

Faulty airbags or faulty clock spring.

Battery Indicator

Your car’s battery juice is running low.

Check Engine Light

There is an issue with your engine.

Door/Boot/Bonnet Indicator

Your car’s door, boot or bonnet is open.

Engine Temperature

Your car’s coolant is overheating.

Fog Light Indicator

Rear fog lights are operating.

Glow Plug Indicator

Glow plug is a heating element that is activated during startup when the temperature of the engine is too low.

Hand Brake Indicator

1. Hand brake is still on.
2. Low on brake fluid(If its on while driving)

Low Fuel Indicator

Your fuel is low.

Low Windshield Fluid Indicator

Your engine has lost normal oil pressure.

Tire Pressure Indicator

At least one of your tires is running low on pressure.

Traction Control Indicator

Your car is loosing its grip.