Thursday, October 19 marks the Hindu Festival of Lights for 2017 and people across the world will be decorating the floor of their homes with rangoli designs to celebrate.Rangoli is a popular folk art that sees people making colourful designs on the floor of their house, to serve as a welcoming gesture to the Gods and bring good luck during Diwali.

If you are thinking of making rangoli this tihar this article might just be a good help.

Things that you will need.

1. Colors

2. Empty Harpic Bottle / RANGOLI PEN 

You can also Make a Rangoli Pen:

And this is how Harpic Bottle can be used to make Rangoli :

3. Plastic pouch

4. Comb

5. Aata Strainer

6. Tea Strainer

8.Ear Swabs

9. Round Plates

10. Bangles of different sizes

11. Mosquito Coil

Here are some videos we found on youtube that can help you make some really amazing rangoli. These rangolis are easy to make with. Try to make them along with your family, It can be a fun family project this tihar!
Happy Tihar!

You can also search for more videos on youtube and try making rangoli.
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