How to choose right frame for your face

How to choose right frame for your face

In the race of following the latest trend and looking good and stylish besides all your attire, one major element that makes you look stylish is your sunglass or your reading glasses. Reading glasses used to be boring in the past years but now it doesn’t have to be so. You can wear the reading glasses and yet look sexy and stylish but , there is one rule to follow.

All of us have certain face cuts and we lie in one amongst 5 basics face cuts and one must wear the frames likewise to enhance your look and of course look sexy and stylish.

Here are few tips on how to identify you face cuts and what frames to rock:

1. Round


Very famous face cut in Asians circle.
You have full cheeks but soft chin line and fore head proportional in the width and length.

Avoid: Circle frames or any soft cornered frames.

Rock: Strong angular frames shapes , Rectangle shapes will enhance your look.

2. Square


A very fashionable and high demanded face cut Square.
Strong jaw line and broad fore head proportional in width and length.

Avoid : rectangle or square or anything with strong angular shapes.

Rock : Softer corners round shapes something that will sit high on nose to soften your shape.

3. Triangle


Most rigid face cut and if worn proper frames makes you look awesome.
Narrow forehead and jawline nothing in proportionate and structured.

Avoid : Angular shapes such as cat eye and rectangular bare frames.

Rock : Soft corners not very rigid circle or even rectangle but with soft corners.

4. Oval


Most appealing cuts for shades.
Your face is actually longer than wide which make you an Oval.
This lucky one can carry almost any frames.

Avoid : Frames those are too small and short on your face.

Rock : Shapes that are rounder and soft corners or with more depth.

5. Heart


Broader forehead & cheek bones but narrow chin line you are heart shape how adorable.

Avoid : Heavy bordered frames and small glasses , circles.

Rock : Rimless frames would soften your face cut to contrast to rigid on your chin line.

It should now be easier for you to decide which glasses to choose for your face cut, happy hunting.