6 common AC problems in your car and what it means.

Despite the growing car culture in Nepal, we know very little about the air condition in our cars. Cars are expensive so are its repairs. Here are 6 common AC problems in our car and what it means before you head out to the mechanics to fix it.

Cause Reason
1 Aircon goes on and off by itself Bad choke
2 Insufficient wind even when fan speed is at max Clogged AC filter
3 Water in the cabin carpet Jammed drain pipe
4 Noises when operating AC Bad or worn out fan belt
5 AC light doesn’t turn on while operating AC Wiring problem
6 Car engine sounds heavier when turning the AC on Clogged condenser

Now that you know. You can be a little smarter with your service guy.


Credit : Ajima AC
Balaju, Kathmandu