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and today we are going to give you the first impression of KIA SOUL EV.

First things first, I think kia soul is a really good car despite being an electric car. We did get a chance to test drive this awesome vehicle and it felt really responsive.
It has futuristic looking rims and it goes with electric concept of the car. Interior is neat and spacy and boot can can hold pretty much all the picnic ingredients. The Whole body of the car shows a futuristic look and shows what Kia is trying to do with electric car market.
Interior looks really neat and 5 adults can easily fit in this car. I didn’t find anything to complain about the interiors. Its fantastic!
One thing i really liked about this car is the traction control button. I don’t think any other car with this price has that kind of feature. Another feature that’s really nice  is “THE SUNROOF” It is unlike any other car and it just makes the car look extra premium than it already is and i think it’s a great addition. Who dosen’t like sunroof!

Now another thing that’s wow about this car is its got tempreture control on the seats and steering as well. Now thats cool!
I don’t think any other car in Nepal has that kind of featured packed into one car.

Lets get down to price,
It starts from Rs.56 Lakhs. and i think its really a bargain to pay for. Because SUVs with such features would easily cross 80 Lakhs, and you also save money on fuel and Vehicle Tax. So what are you waiting for. Go to the Kia showroom and get the test drive already!

We will be doing a full review of this car in next few weeks. so stay tuned.. | **Share knowledge**