How To Buy Your First Car And Not Regret It

Buying your first car is a gruelling process of going through hours of non-stop internet surfing and trying to find the best car out there. Ahh! Let me tell you one thing, it’s a complete waste of time if you don’t know what you are looking for. But nevertheless, now that you have decided to buy your first car after some time of thinking, here’s few more tips that can help you decide.

1. Set a realistic budget
Setting realistic goals are so important in everyday life, not only in car buying process, because the end result can leave you in deep waters if you don’t plan ahead. When it comes buying your first car with your hard earned cash, setting realistic budget can save you the pain in the neck.

2. Identify and prioritise what’s important for you and what’s not
These days, car market is swollen with so many different brands and their variants that it’s easy to drown and drift you away from original intent. Make sure you know what features you need in a car.

–  Make a list of the your priorities and identify which car brand has the maximum  number of features in your MUST HAVE LIST!

– Realize that “Wants are not needs”. Maybe you need a car with large trunk but you are willing to buy a car with smaller trunk just because it has a sunroof. BAD DECISION!

– If you’re highly unlikely to leave the city in your car, you could go for a front wheel drive rather than a 4WD ( Four Wheel Drive). Save your hard earned money for the rainy days.

3. Research more about the car you like
Now that you’ve set your budget and you know what you need in your car, the juncture comes to some high time recon. Ask people around you what do they think of the car, its best value, it’s pros and cons. If the pros outshine the cons, you know you’ve hit your mark. But understand if the reviews you get are personal or general.

4. Test drive and test drive again
Just researching about the car and reading about it and asking around is pointless if you don’t feel comfortable while driving the car. So, test drive. Don’t forget to ask permission of the dealer or the owner (if pre-owned) if you are going to hit of the limits in the car, like hard accelerating and hard braking.

Don’t offend them by just jerking around in their car. (6 ways to make you a better driver).

Let the feeling of the drive resonate with you for the night or few days and go for another test drive, but don’t waste anybody’s time if your not serious about the car. Be humble.

5. Identify your options
Seek to see if that’s the best car you can get for the value you’re paying. Don’t be afraid to take your time to think about the car. Also don’t be afraid to walk away. Consider financing if you’re getting a new car. Calculate which serves you better, paying cash all together or financing.

6. Enjoy the process
Despite all the practical advice, the best tip I can give is to buy what you love.  If you live in Kathmandu and want to own a convertible and can afford it, i’d say heck yea! go for it! Life is too short to drive around in a boring car. That’s how we earn the knowledge that matters… By doing what makes us happy…

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